Sunday, July 31, 2011

FREE: Photos: All these items - Net Cost=0 - Net Effect=MoneyMaker Week -

Publix MoneyMakers - Paid $21 - But Received $30 in New Gift Cards (add to 3 other gift cards)

CVS Paid under $1 (started with $7 ECBs, ended with none)

Walgreen's Paid 12.5¢ each

Pier 1 Imports - Paid About $1 -
note cards, glass bead pen, bow, fabric big bags folded in pouches.

Last Day - Free Smoothie/Frappe/Frozen Lemonade BOGO Coupon - Print It. Use It.

Print & Use Today

McDonald's Printable BOGO Coupon, Here.
Expires 7/31/11 

Extreme Coupons (but polite): $424.19 Saved (72.5%) at CVS, Walgreen's, Pier 1 & Publix This Week

...and, didn't clear any shelves or even come close to it; bought a big variety.  

CVS, Walgreen's, Publix & Pier 1 Imports

$582.39  Products Regular Cost
$158.72  Total Amount Paid 
$422.75   Total Savings+++$41.25 still left in new Publix gift cards

What did I learn:

1.  Make sure to have coupons filed properly (I missed a couple and could have saved a few more $$)
2.  Make sure to stop at the customer service desk before checking out (once  you have all the products in your possession) if you have any unique or obscure coupon or transactions that may necessitate the cashier calling a manager.  This avoids delays in the line.  Having the products with you when showing them the coupons helps a lot. 

*(Gift cards are newly obtained from this week's promotions, but will count the gift cards in future shopping trips' savings, instead of this week.  I included 2 McDonald's BOGO Smoothies deal in the above figures.)

  • got $20 Rhapsody MP3 download codes in Schick razor packages
  • getting 1% cash back on credit card
  • getting swag bucks for some of the printable coupons used (which will go toward free gift cards from  getting 2 gift cards this month from
And some details:

  • freezer is LOADED with food (Kashi, Cascadian Farms, Morningstar Farms, Stouffers, seafood, more)
  • refrigerator is filled to the brim (produce, juice, dairy, deli, etc.)
  • and i won't be needing toothpaste for at least 2 years
  • and i won't be needing shampoo for a least 2 years
  • and i won't be needing hair styling products for at least 2 years
  • and i won't be needing razors for a year
  • and i won't be needing cereal (hot or cold) for around 4 months
  • and i won't be needing frozen entrees (Kashi, Morningstar Farms, Stouffer's, etc.) for a couple of months
  • and i won't be needing bagels for a couple of months
  • and i won't be needing granola bars for a month or two
  • and i won't be needing almond milk for a few weeks
  • grocery shopping for the next month will just be for fresh items - produce, dairy, juices, fish, poultry, meat (although don't eat much of last 3).

Saturday, July 30, 2011

FREE Kashi Sample by Mail - Chocolate Granola Bar or Cereal

Peanutty Dark Chocolate Layered Granola Bar
Cinnamon Harvest Cereal

When you are done ordering your free sample, you can put in friends' names that might like this deal.

 Find it here.  

Friday, July 29, 2011

CVS $10 New ECBs - Schick--Playtex Deal - Last Day 7/30/11

- CVS's Schick & Playtex Deal - 
Buy $20 in products, get $10 ECBs
Last Day is 7/30/11 

Even though I left with about $20 in free products + a new $10 ECB coupon, the best part of this whole deal was when I asked the cashier if he expects that these coupons will work.  He said yes, but that wasn't the best part.  Then he said "but I need to scan them in a certain order."  That made my day.  This very young man was so polite and on the ball.  During the 20-25 minutes I was in the store, I never saw another employee except behind the pharmacy counter.  I think he was running the show.  I am planning to try this store again for my next trip.

2 Schick ST2 disposable razors, 12 pack value size, $8.99 ea.
1 Skintimate Shave Cream , 6 0z., sale $2.19 ea.
(2 $5 Free Rhapsody MP3 downloads codes came with each Schick pkg.)
$20.17 TOTAL (w/o tax)

Coupons used, in this exact order$4 off $20, CVS coupon
$2 off 1 Schick disposable razor - CVS mfr. printable
$8.99 off with B1G1 Schick disposable razors - newspaper insert
1.50 off 1 Skintimate shave cream - printable
$3 ECB from previous trip.
TOTAL:  68¢ 
(plus tax.  *note* the CVS Q's reduced tax from $1.21 to 80¢)

Michaels Special Printable Coupon - Online Only - Extra 20% Off Sale & Reg. Mdse.

Valid July 31 - August 6, 2011

Print this Michael's coupon & other offers from Michaels, here.

CVS Policy Changes on BOGO Sales

It appears that CVS has a new policy for using coupons on a CVS BOGO sale.  CVS is no longer accepting more than 1 coupon on a BOGO sale.  
So if XYZ vitamin is BOGO for $9.99, and you have two $4 off 1 coupons, CVS will accept only one of the coupons. 

BOGO Sale Scenario with New Policy
  • Buy 1 XYZ vitamin @ $9.99
  • Get 1 XYZ vitamin @ -0-
  • Use 1 $4 off 1 XYZ Manufacturers coupon
Total Due = $5.99 for two XYZ vitamins (instead of $1.99 before the change)

BOGO COUPONS Policy - No Changes - 2 Coupons Still Accepted
You can use your BOGO coupon -PLUS- another coupon on the second item.

  • Buy 1 XYZ vitamin @ 9.99
  • Get 1 XYZ vitamin @ -0-
  • Use 1 BOGO coupon
  • Use 1 $4 off 1 XYZ Manufacturers coupon
Total Due - $5.99 for two XYZ vitamins

→Thank you Cheryl @ Simply CVS for keeping us up to date on all things CVS.   Visit Simply CVS for all the CVS coupon matchups, weekly ad previews and great CVS deal finds 
For Fix / Solutions to Printing problems on and bricks, view the instructions we received from tech support.

Einstein Bros. FREE Sandwich. FREE Bagels. Two BOGOs.

Einstein Bros. Bagels - E-Club Promotions

Welcome to Einstein Bros. Bagels.  Would you like a free Triple Decker Club Sandwich with your Triple Decker Club Sandwich?  Well you are in luck if you have previously registered with Einstein's E-Club.  They have been emailing good coupons lately, including this BOGO.  So, check your inbox if you are a member.  

You should find these two current coupon promotions, both are BOGO:
  • FREE Bucket of Bagels When You buy One Bucket of Bagels - Fri. & Sat.July 30 and July 31 - PLU:  8318
  • FREE Triple Decker Club Sandwich When You Buy One of Same - Expires 8/24/2011 - PLU:  8611
Sign up 1-2-3, and Eat For F-R-E-E.

FREE SoyJoy, $7-Off 1 Vitamin/Supplement, FREE Cooler, Tote, DVD, Garden Tools, Water Bottle, more

Seriously, these are some of the nicest easy-to-get FREE rewards I've seen lately.  How easy is it to just get your vitamins and input the codes.  Then click on what you want.

I just discovered that NatureMade has a rewards program.  Sign up, enter the "Wellness Rewards Code" printed on each container of vitamins and supplements purchased and you will see your rewards build very quickly.  Save up and enter two or three at a time and you will watch the points shoot up right in front of your eyes to an amount that will actually get you something.  I just entered 5 codes from 5 NatureMade products and already have earned 570 points.  I ordered by $7 Off 1 product coupon.  

Complete List of Nature Made Rewards
  • 200 points - SoyJoy bars - 3 pack
  • 225 points - Flashlight Keychain.  Replica of a bottle of vitamins with small flashlight bulb on bottom.
  • 275 points - Eco Friendly Shopping Tote, size 13"W X 10"D X 15"H, recyclable and washable.
  • 400 points - SoyJoy Bars - 6 pack
  • 450 points - Lunch cooler.  Main compartment holds up to six beverage cans.  Plus has two extra side pockets.
  • 500 points - Nature Made cap.  Khaki.
  • 500 points = $7 Off 1 product coupon (one available ev. 30 days). 
  • 500 points - $7 Costco check.  (one available ev. 30 days).
  • 650 points - Denise Austin Pilates for Everyone DVD
  • 650 points - Denise Austin Ultimate Fat Burner DVD 
  • 700 points - Aromatherapy Reed Diffusor.  Gift boxed.  Nice for woman, man, student, home, office. dorm.
  • 725 points - Classical Guitar CD - Bach, Vivaldi, Haydin and more in a Classical Guitar CD.
  • 750 points - BPA Free water bottle.  20 oz.
  • 850 points - Book:  Everyday Calm - Relaxing Rituals For Busy People
  • 1700 points - Garden Tote & Tools
  • 2200 points - BBQ Apron Set:  apron, detachable bottle opener, oven mitt and towel.  Embroidered "Nature Made Grill Master".  This is very nice for woman or man
  • 2500 points - Yoga mat.  5.5' long X 2' wide.
This will come in very handy during a BOGO at CVS, Walgreens, Publix or any other store that carries NaureMade.  It seems like I can find these products on BOGO at least a couple times a month.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Keep Your Mac Running - Keep Printing Your Coupons on Your Mac

Printing coupons and offers is essential to maximizing your savings at super centers, grocery stores, retailers, restaurants, attractions, etc.  So, to taking good care of your hardware and software is essential and simple.
  • Back-up data regularly.
  • Archive files you rarely use.
  • Delete files you no longer want.
  • Take good care of your hardware and keep your it clean.

For Mac Users:

These are two Apple links you should read if you don't know exactly what you can be doing to help keep your Mac running with tip top performance.  

Go to
Mac Maintenance Quick Assist
How To Clean Apple Products

For Fix / Solutions to Printing problems on and bricks, view the instructions we received from tech support.

Up to $30 Coupons from P&G Inside Charmin, Olay, Pampers, Crest, & Pur Specially Market Packages

Look for P&G specially marked products that have an assortment of coupons inside and save up to $30 when you use them.  

Here is a complete list of the coupons you will find in some of the specially marked packages on store shelves:
  • Charmin - Coupons save up to $30
  • Crest - Coupons save up to $10
  • Pampers - Coupons save up to $30
  • Pur - Coupons save up to $25
  • Olay - Coupons save up to $15

Full List of Coupons in the Specially Market Packages of:

Charmin  Ultra-Soft 24 Double Rolls:
$5 Align
$1 Bounce
$2 Charmin
$1 Charmin
$2 Gillette
$2 Gillette
$1 Head & Shoulders
$1 Metamucil
$2 Pampers
$2 Olay
$2 Pampers
$2 Prilosec
$1 Puffs
$1 Secret
$3 Tide
$3 Tide Stain Release
$2 Venus

Pampers 82/Pk.:
$5 Align
$1 Always
$1 Always
$1 Bounce
$1 Bounty
$1 Cascade
$1 Charmin
$7 Crest Whitestrips
$1 Dawn
$1 Downy
$1 Dreft
$1 Duracell
$1 Febreze
$4 Febreze
$2 Gillette
$2 Gillette
$4.29 Gillette
$1 Old Spice Mega
$4.29 Old Spice Mega
$3.99 Old Spice Mega
$2 Pampers
$1 Pantene
$1 Pepto
$1 Pringles
$1 Secret
$1 Tide
$2 Venus
$2 Vicks Vapo/Baby

Find the details and lists of coupons in the other P&G specially marked products at P&G Everyday Solutions.  Free registration may be required.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

CVS: ECB $7 Off Nature Made CoQ-10

Remember to scan your CVS card when you arrive at the CVS store.  You never know what coupons or ECBs it will print out before your shop.  Printed out of the Red Magic Machine at CVS when I scanned my card.  Expires on 7/7/11. Maybe another will print, which would be great if a BOGO sale occurs.  There is no per bottle quantity noted.

30 Swag Bucks in 3 Minutes – Want them too?

I’m Getting FREE Gift Cards from
What Would You Like For Free? 
Here is why it pays to check your Swag Bucks message box.  Today I found a 9-day old message from Team Swag Bucks called “Tag your green innovation and earn 27 Swag Bucks!”  Clicked, entered a few quick bits of information, including a line with my green idea, and made 27 Swag Bucks in 2 minutes.
  • Add to that the daily poll for 1 Swag Buck, took about 5 seconds.
  • Add to that 2 Swag Bucks given for looking at the NOSO (no obligation special offers).  I looked, none interested me, so skipped past all of them and got my 2 Swag Bucks.
3 minutes later I had 30 more Swag Bucks than when I started.


Great MoneyMakers at Publix - Kashi, Aussie, Oral B - One More Day

**Coupons Required**
Prices Change 7/28/11 
(though some deals may still be available)

"I'm ready for the challenge."  That's what the cashier said when I told him I had a lot of coupon deals.  He looked a little nervous.  The young man was a bagger last time I was about a week or so ago.  So he's a new cashier.  He took a deep breath and said "Let's go."

  • FREE shampoo, hair products, toothbrushes, and Kashi products never gets in the way.
  • 15 full or regular size products for FREE
  • PLUS Publix Paid Me To Shop
  • I purchase way way more than this.  These are the MoneyMaker highlights.

P&G Deal - Using Tear Pad Coupon - Buy 3, get $5 Publix Gift Card
3 Aussie styling products  (2 hair gel, 1 hair spray)
2 Aussie shampoo (bonus size 20% extra)
1 Aussie conditioner
TOTAL COST   $16.74 (@ $2.79 ea)

Coupons used:
minus $3 Aussie coupon from P&G July
minus $3 Aussie coupon "
minus $3 Aussie coupon "
minus $1 Aussie coupon "
minus $1 Aussie coupon "
minus $1 Aussie coupon "
minus $1 Publix coupon off Aussie (received in mail)
minus $1 Publix coupon off Aussie (received in mail)
minus $1 Publix coupon off Aussie (received in mail)
minus $5 Publix gift card with P&G tearp pad coupon (buy 3, get $5 gift card)
minus $5 Publix gift card with P&G tearp pad coupon (buy 3, get $5 gift card)
OVERAGE $8.26 owed to me by Publix.

Kashi Deal - Publix Yellow Advantage coupon - Buy 1 Kashi cereal (sale $2.99 exp. 7/27/11) PLUS 1 box TLC bars GET 1 box of Kashi crackers or cookies.  

2 Kashi dry cereal, $2.99
2 Kashi TLC bars, $2.99
2 Kashi crackers, $0.0 FREE
TOTAL COST     $11.96
Coupons used
minus $6.58 off (2 free TLC crackers @ $3.29 ea., Publix Yellow Advantage deal - Used 2
minus $2.00 off with $2 off 4, Store coupon from  Target - Used 1
minus $8 off with $2.00 off 1 from recyclebank - Used 4
minus $3.00 off with 1.50 off from Kashi (received in mail) - Used 2 for crackers
OVERAGE $7.52 owed to me by Publix

3 Oral B Advantage toothbrushes @ $2.50 each
TOTAL COST   $7.50

Coupons Used
minus $6 off with $2 off 1 Oral B Advantage, P&G July - Used 3
minus $3 off with $1 off 1 Oral B manual toothbrush - Publix coupon (received in mailer) - Used 3
OVERAGE $1.50 owed to me by Puboix

Paid for my produce, organic milk and eggs.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Whole Foods $1 Cascadian Farms - Last Day - Printable Coupons

Last Day 7/26/11

(You can use one "store" coupon and one "manufacturer's coupon".  A "Whole Foods Stores" coupon is a "store" coupon.)

Cascadian Farms Cereals:  Raisin Bran or Multi-Grain Squares @ $3 each
$1/1 Cascadian Farms Printable
75¢ off 1 Cascadian Farms Printable
$1 off 1 Whole Foods Stores Printable
Pay $1 each

Monday, July 25, 2011

CVS 7-24-11 Trip - Everything For Free

I only had time for a quick dash in and out of CVS yesterday.  More shopping later in week.
Started with $3 ECBs.   Ended with $2 New ECBs and No Money Out Of Pocket (except tax)
Transaction 1
  • 1 Crest Pro Health toothpaste, 4.2 oz., sale price $2.99 (wrong sale tag on shelf).
  • 1 8/pkg 3 Musketeers fun size, 4.02 oz, sale price $0.99 (no sale tag on shelf)
    • Coupon used:  $1 off 1 Crest® Pro-Health, P&G 6/51
    • ECBs used:  $3 from last week
TOTAL DUE:  overage 2¢ (plus tax)
Transaction 2
  • 1 Crest Pro Health toothpaste, 4.2 oz, sale price $2.0
    • Coupon used:  $1 off 1 Crest® Pro-Health, P&G 6/511
    • ECBs used:  $2 from previous transaction
TOTAL DUE:  overage 1¢ (plus tax)

Bottom Line
Everything for nothing (except tax) 
The store seemed very disorganized and understaffed (sale price tags were wrong all over the two aisles I shopped), so I didn’t have time for more shopping because I was on my way to get some BOGO McDonald’s smoothies (mmmmm… Mango Pineapple).  
Free Paper Mate Grip pens deal 
Free Gas Card deal 
Softsoap-Mennen-Irish Spring deal
Schick Hydro and Skintimate Cream Shave deal