Welcome to a work in progress. I love finding deals with big savings and, most of all, freebies - the kind where you don't have to give a credit card #., etc.  follow along on twitter for updates.)   Please share your ideas, stories, requests and suggestions about what you would like to see all in one site -AND- what you don’t like to be bothered with on websites. We all have our pet peeves, so share yours.

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Coupon Clipper said...

I have these coupons from inserts:
All Babies / Infants
All Pets
All Candy
Most Medical
And lots of others.

In Search Of:
$2/1 Sundown
Starkist Tuna ($1/1 or 50¢/1
Kashi $2/1
Publix Deli
Snackwells $1/1