Store Coupon Policies

Store Coupon Policies

Most stores have an "official" coupon policy.  They do update them from time to time, and individual stores may modify them a bit (usually allowing more, rather than less).

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- CVS Coupon Policy, see below

- Harris Teeter, click here.  THEY DOUBLE COUPONS (contact store for details)

- Fred's Super Dollar, click here.  THEY DOUBLE COUPONS on Saturdays.  (contact store for details).  This store is similar to, Family Dollar, Big Lots, etc. Groceries include name brand and other.  

- Hitchcock's Markets, policy link not available.  THEY DOUBLE COUPONS (contact store for details)

- Kmart, click here.  THEY DOUBLE COUPONS during special announced events, and you will need your Shop Your Way Rewards card or number (get it free from Kmart).  Policy not available online (contact store for details).


CVS does not have an official policy online yet, as of 7/5/11, when I spoke with a CVS customer service rep at 888-607-4287.  He said he could not email, fax or snail mail the policy to me.  I mentioned that there are lots of blogs and sites that state CVS has emailed the policy to them.  The CVS rep said that is "absolutely not true, we've never emailed or sent anyone our policy", and we know about all the blogs that say we did.  He said CVS plans to post it online when it has cleared through legal.  He said that he would be happy to tell me the policy on the call:

Here's the policy as he told me:

  • CVS allows one CVS coupon and one Manufacturer coupon per item.
  • Each item scanned is considered a purchase, even if it is a free item, such as BOGO.
  • Duplicate Coupons:  there are rare cases when a restriction printed on a coupon or deal states that only one coupon per transaction for that item; a transaaction is defined as all purchases on a one receipt.  
    • [My personal interpretation, based on my in-store experiences:  means that if you purchase a toothbrush with a coupon that is restricted in that way, then you cannot buy 5 toothbrushes and present 5 of these coupons on that one receipt.  You would have to ring up each of the additional toothbrushes on a separate receipt.]
  • CVS accepts original coupons with bar codes.  
  • Internet and home printed coupons are accepted on a store by store basis.  The store manager decides in order to protect a store that may have been overloaded with counterfit coupons.  
  • BOGO deals.  
    • If an item is offered by CVS as Buy One Get One Free, a BOGO coupon can and should be accepted, which will make both items free (pay only the tax).   
    • If you have a coupon for one free product that is BOGO, you will get both items free (pay only the tax).  
    • You can use two manufacturer coupons on a BOGO deal, because each item scanned is allowed one manufacturer coupon, both discounts will go toward the one BOGO that you are paying for.
  • ECB - Extra Care Bucks - Multiple ECB coupons can be used toward a transaction to pay for it in part or in full.  If you use ECB to pay for all or part of a transaction, it will not affect your receiving new ECBs that are due to you at the end of the transaction.
  • Expired ECB - The official policy is that they are not to be accepted.  However, store managers have discretion to allow the use of expired ECBs.
  • Competitor coupons are not accepted.  Even if it is a manufacturer coupon with a bar code -- if it has the name of the competitor store on it, CVS's policy is to not accept it.  

That's the entirety of what the CVS rep told me on the phone on 7/5/11.