Friday, September 30, 2011

Mega Swag Bucks Day - Search the Net and Earn Gift Cards & More

Today Is

That means you can earn up to 30 Swag Bucks just for a single internet search through the Swag Bucks site, or using the Swag Bucks Toolbar.  On an average day I get 8 to 10 Swag Bucks, several times over, just doing my normal searches + the 4 points that anyone and everyone can get every day for spending about 1 or 2 minutes clicking through.
Absolutely Free - No Strings
Free Gift Cards, Video Games, Jewelry, Apparel, School Supplies, Lots More

Earn just 30 Swag Bucks a day = 2 Free Amazon gift cards per month, value $10.  That's $120 per year for doing searches through Swag Bucks.  If you are searching, you should be earning.  Read more

Thursday, September 29, 2011

FREE: Coffee on 9/29/11 - National Coffee Day

I don't know who or what decides that these are "national" special days.  I'm just glad they do, because it usually means great deals are coming.

7-Eleven Stores - FREE cup of coffee from 7 AM to 11 AM (medium)
Krispy Kreme - FREE cup of house blend coffee (12 oz)
Thornton's - FREE coffee from 6 AM to 2 PM (size not mentioned)
Caribou - Buy One Get One Free

Want to read a little more about National Coffee Day, check out The Washington Post blog post, here.

Swag Bucks Code Good Til 5 pm PDT - 8 SwagBucks - Just Enter Code

I Just Got Mine

Go to  Then look at the blog article called "L'Shana Tova".  You'll find the Swag Code there.  It is not the same code for everyone, so posting it here would not likely help you.  So go get yours.

When you get to the blog article, you'll see this.  Look just below the video box and you'll see your code.  You don't even have to watch the video.


For More Info About SwagBucks and the Free Gift Cards and Merchandise,  View Here.   It's free and too simple to not participate.  

Tons of Sunday Coupons: 5 Inserts This Week - Lots of B1G1 Coupons

There will be at 5 coupon inserts this Sunday.  You may want to invest in an extra newspaper or two this week.
You can find the full list of coupons at

  1. P&G
  2. Smart Source
  3. Red Plum
  4. General Mills
  5. Pepsi Co
Here are some favorites so far:
  • Dove hair care product B1G1
  • Boston Market free extra side with family meal
  • Boston market $4 off $20
  • Boston Market $2 off $10
  • Cover Girl $8/2 face products
  • Crest $1/1 toothpaste
  • Olay $3/1
  • Pure Protein bar, B1G1
  • Suave B1G1 (3 different B1G1 coupons)
  • Tampax B1G1
  • Tropicana or Trop 50 $1/1
  • Tresemme B1G1 hair styling
  • V8 $1/1

FREE: $2 ECBs From CVS - Sent By Email

CVS is giving away 500 $2 ExtraCare Bucks coupons.

Act Fast.  Takes 30 Seconds.  ExtraCare Card # Required


After you take the pledge, you should see a box like this.

This is the email they sent to me with my $2 ECB coupon.

Cheryl at Simply CVS Shopping posted this great freebie.  Thanks Cheryl.   

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

FREE: $2 Amazon MP3 Credit - Get It Quickly

Free Music or Other MP3 - No Strings Attached


No strings attached.  Simply follow the link and enter the code when the box asks for it - it may say "gift card" - that's fine.  Thanks to Surviving The Stores for posting this great freebie.  

Go to this Amazon link, Click Here
  1. Enter the Code from above
  2. Just follow the screens, even though they talk about gift cards.  This code will work.  I was automatically credited with $2 in the "Amazon MP3 balance box.

Last Day 25¢ Voskos Greek Yogurt - Publix

Last Day at Publix Florida - Today - 25¢ Voskos

Voskos is on sale at Publix Florida for $1 each.  Use 75¢ off coupons for one of the best deals ever on Voskos (next to free, that is).

75¢ off 1 Voskos yogurt coupon
75¢ off 1 Voskos yogurt coupon -  Facebook - "Like" Voskos

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Publix - Save 56% - 75% Using This List & Coupons - Kashi, Voskos, Boar's Head, Fresh Produce, Odwalla, Sundown, More

Slashed More Than Half of Grocery Bill
56% Off Lots of Good & Healthy Stuff (well there's 1 M & C)

We are pretty well stocked up at home this week, so this was a smaller shopping trip with the real purpose of picking up roast beef and turkey for deli sandwiches.

4 Chock Full of Nuts coffee 
1 Odwalla Superfood Juice, 64 oz
2 Kashi TLC Pita Chips
Head lettuce
Bag of grapes, 2+ pounds
Bunch of bananas, just under 2 pounds
1 Stouffer's Healthy Harvest family size entree 
2 Voskos Greek yogurt $1.00
Boar's Head Top Round roast beef, 1/2+ pound
1 Hormel Naturals - Nitrate-Free Smoked Turkey
1 Sundown vitamins - A
1 Sundown vitamins - D3 

Total Value =  67.89
Total Paid = 30.13
Total Saved $37.76  =  56%

Coupons Used (check data base for details and more coupons)
0.75/1 Chock Full of Nuts (4 of these) - from insert
1.50/1 Kashi pita chips (2 of these) - from pkg (there are printables out)
1.00/2 Kashi chips, crackers - Target  - printable
1.50/1 Stouffer's Family Size - Target - printable
1.00/1 Stouffer's Family Size - insert
0.75/1 Voskos (2 of these) - printable
3/1 Sundown vitamins - Publix Advantage flyer (2 of these)
1/1 Sundown vitamins (2 of these) - insert

Save 75%
Could I have done better?  Of course.  Had I shopped more like the extreme coupon users seen on TV, I would not have bought the fresher items like lettuce, grapes, bananas, roast beef, turkey and Odwalla.  That would have made my total savings 75% (11.37 paid, 44.77 value, 33.40 saved).  But, alas, man & woman cannot live on free Sundown Vitamins alone.

CVS - 85% Savings This Trip - Hershey's ECB Deal is My Favorite of the Day

Paid $6.11 -- Value $41.21 -- Saved 85% 
Started with -0- ECB -- Finished with $1.98 ECB

Transaction #1
1 ThermaCare Heat Wrap, back & hip

Total Value = 4.19
Total Paid = 3.79
Total Saved = 0.40
ECBs Rec'd = 3.79

Transaction #2 (I really like this Hershey Deal)*
2 (New) Hershey Drops, 8 oz.
6 Hershey bars, single size, B2G1 (so I paid for only 4)
6 Hershey Air bars, single size, (these were all FREE)

Total Value = 22.07
Total Paid = 1.59
Total Saved = 20.48
New ECBs Received = $3.00

Coupons & ECBs Used =
  • $2/2 Hershey Drops CVS Store coupon 
  • $1/1 Hershey Drops (used 2)
  • 6 BOGO - Hershey Air bar single size WYB another Hershey bar

Transaction #3
2 Bumble Tuna, 5 oz cans
1 Homedics Travel Sound Machine (clearance bin)
2 Excedrin, 8 caplets

Coupons & ECBs Used =
  • $1/2 Bumble Bee 
  • $3 ECB from Transaction #2
Total Value = 14.95
Total Paid = 0.73
Total Saved = 14.22
ECBs Received = 1.98

I guess this shopping trip counts as Extreme Couponing.  

*Because of combining Hershey B2G1 advertised deal with the Hershey B1G1 coupons, things got a little kooky when all was rung up.  But it worked out just fine in the end even though I gave cashier one too few Hershey bars - which meant that I lost out on the extra free one from the B2G1.  But, it looks like the cashier somehow deducted one too many coupons for the B1G1 Air bar.  

Monday, September 26, 2011

Saving Tip: WAIT

Simply put, WAIT.  Wait before buying that impulse item.  Think first, "do I need to have this to make my life or household work?  What would happen if I don't have it? (Same goes for the rest of your family.)

We buy things because we need them.  Right?  Um... No, not right.  Does a 10 year-old need two (2) Wii and and (2) Xbox consoles, one for home and one for granny's house?  Does an adult need 15 bottles of fragrance?  Does the 15 year-old really need a $500 smartphone plus another $50 worth of bling and accessories for it?  Wait.  Cool off.  Then decide how the purchase fits in to the context of your budget and your lifestyle.  This goes for large and small purchases - whether you are in Best Buy, online or in the Dollar Store.

$130+ Billion.
That is the amount spent on advertising in U.S. last year.  It's no wonder we buy things that we don't need, and replace things that look and work just fine.  Sometimes adults and kids want and buy things simply because someone they know or admire has them.  

Wait.  Waiting a short period of time before buying that non-necessity can help cut your spending a lot.  And, I mean a lot.  Make a deal with the other spenders in your household that you will each wait at least 24 hours before purchasing that brand new iPad that won't make you any more efficient, productive or prosperous than already are using your laptop, desktop or other computer.  Oh, and it likely won't make the buyer any happier either -- in the long run.  It might bring about short-term joy, pride, giddiness or even elation.  However, how long that lasts may depend on when some of that $130+ Billion in advertising bucks causes some product or service you had not thought about buying to catch your attention or fill a perceived.  Since we are being marketed and advertised to constantly, the next item that you don't need is always awaiting your purchase.

The Savings Plan.
Involve  everyone that adds and/or takes money from the household piggy bank.

Decide what is a fair amount of time to wait before making a purchase of a non-necessity.  It could be different for each person, or may vary dependent on the item.  For example, if Daddy-O wants to replace his garage workbench with a shiny new built-in workbench and storage unit like the neighbor just bought for $700, perhaps a week or two would be a good waiting period.  Since it is not likely a necessity, why not wait a month?  How could anyone say no with a straight face, or at least a second thought?  It could be interesting to keep a running list of how many other items Daddy-O might decide he wants during that month.

Since "wanters" are often repeat offenders and want to purchase more unnecessary items than others in your clan, perhaps a longer cooling off period might apply for that "wanter".

The Mad Men and Women of Madison Avenue are very good at what they do:  Getting you to spend your money.  It is up to you and no one else to decide what and when to buy.  Well, I say call a time-out and wait before you buy.  Then when you are ready to buy, remember:  Never Pay Retail.  Shop for the best deal you can get by looking and waiting for sales, using coupons, cash back on credit cards, etc.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

FREE Gift Cards - DVDs - Games - Books - T-Shirts - Baby Stuff - More

I Love SwagBucks
I'm Getting a Totally Free Convection Oven With Mine.
Why Would Anyone Say No?

All I do is search the internet using Swagbuck's search box, and I earn FREE points.  No money from me.  For more details, read my earlier post, here

Gift Card Sampling:

Many Other Free Items:

  • Magazines
  • Sports Collectibles
  • Apparel
  • Greeting Cards
  • eBooks & Books
  • Video Game Consoles
  • Games, video and board
  • School Supplies
  • Much Much More

Saturday, September 24, 2011

$10 off $20 at Smokey Bones Restaurant - Printable Coupon - No Registration Required!

Expires 9/25/11
Smokey Bones

Want to share this great printable coupon.  Looks like no registration or signing up required.  Yay.

Thanks Addicted To Saving for posting the 411.

FREE & MoneyMakers - Lots of Them - Coming to Walgreens 9/25/11

Lots of Freebies at Walgreen's
9/25 - 10/1/11

These are definitely Stock-Up Prices.  Here are my favorite deals coming up on 9/25/11

FREE + MoneyMaker (after coupons and/or Register Rewards)
  • $1.01 PROFIT  - Schick Quattro Razor or Refills, 4 ct.
  • 55¢ PROFIT - Balance Bar, single ct.
  • 51¢ PROFIT - Colgate Optic White Toothpaste, 4 oz.
  • 1¢ PROFIT - Bausch & Lomb Renu Sensitive Solution, 12 oz. 

FREE (after coupons and/or Register Rewares)
  • Softsoap Body Wash, 15 oz. - 18 oz.
  • Remington King of Shaves Azor 5 Razor, 1
  • Zarbees Nighttime Cough and Sleep Drink, 6 ct.
  • Mentos Up 2 U Gum, 14 pcs.

View Coupon Match-Ups and Register Reward Deals at Addicted To Saving

Friday, September 23, 2011

FREE: Photo Collage at - Today Only

This is a really nice Freebie from Walgreen's.  If you would like to have an 8" x 10" Photo Collage for your home, workplace or to give a special gift to someone, grab yours today.  You can include up to 20 of your photos in the collage.

Walgreen's Fall Ad Preview 9/25-10/1/11 - Ready to View

Happy 1st Day of Fall

Guess what's around the corner -- Halloween!  The upcoming Walgreen's ad has a bunch of fun items on sale for Halloween - including decorations, light kits, bags of candy, containers, etc.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Crazy Coupons - $6 off 1 Schick Disposable Razors - $4 off 1 Banana Boat - More

          Guaranteed, These Will Go Very Fast Due To High Value


Choose the Personal Care Category

Organics - High Value Printable Coupons - Organic Valley Milk or Orange Juice - Earth Balance - Rudi's Organic - More

Organic Product Coupons Go Fast 
  • $1 off 1 Earth Balance Organic Soymilk, Half Gallson
  • $1 off 1 Organic Valley Orange Juice, Half Gallon
  • $1 off 1 Organic Choice Product
  • $1 off 1 Earth Balance Organic Coconut Spread
  • 75¢ off 1 Santa Cruz Organic Juice ($1.99 & over)
  • 75¢ off 1 Rudi's Organic Bakery Bread
  • 75¢ off 1 Organic Valley Milk, Half Gallon

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

FREE Android App $2 App Credit from Amazon

How?  It's Simple.
Follow Amazon on Twitter / Connect With Twitter

Check It Out Here.

Expiration?  Don't know.  Couldn't find the info on the Amazon page.  So go for it now if you are interested in this freebie. 

Just Wondering: Are You Mad at Ads?

You know those ads you see when you log in to Facebook, Amazon, Yahoo, Swagbucks, and so many other sites?  You probably know that they are targeted specifically to you.  The ads are often matched up with your previous shopping and search patterns, preferences, etc.

I'm just wondering how you feel about it?  Are the targeted ads working for you?

Frankly, I find them more than annoying because they don't know when to stop.  For example, I was recently searching for a business projector (the type that gets attached to a laptop for presentations).  Well, I bought one rather quickly.  However, the ads keep coming.  How many days or weeks do I have to look at ads for something I no longer need.  I don't need to constantly be reminded that I could have bought one of many others.  I bought it.  I'm over it now.

Too bad there isn't a way to call off the advertising dogs and fill out a form to let the cyber ad people know that I'm done shopping for the projector.  After all, it is in their best interest too.  Right?  That way they they can on with their business and try to sell other things to me - things that I didn't just buy and may or may not want - things that I likely don't need.  Then I can get on with being a consumer.

What do you think?

Kindness Alert: FREE Side Dish at When You Donate $1 - Help End Childhood Hunger

Sept. 18-24, 2011 FREE Regular Side
Help End Childhood Hunger in America

Find details and local restaurants HERE.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

CVS Ad Weekly Ad Preview 9/25 -10/1/11. UPDATED

Sneak Preview

It's only Tuesday, but you can already see a full preview of the upcoming CVS weekly ad at SimplyCVS.  Thanks to Cheryl for posting it nice and early so we can all start planning.  Get your left over ExtraCare Bucks ready.

View 9/25/11 CVS Ad Here

UPDATE:  The title originally had some extra information that has been removed because it does not apply to this post.  

Monday, September 19, 2011

FREE Admission 9/24/11 at More Than 100 U.S. National Parks

Sat., 9/24/11 is Public Lands Day in the U.S.
Plan Ahead & Save

More than 100 U.S. National Parks will waive entrance fees for everyone.  America's National Parks are one of our greatest assets and are there for everyone to enjoy.  Visit the National Park Service's site and make a list of the parks you would like to see.  Start planning.

CVS: FREE Candy or Beverage - Just "Like" Them on Facebook - Printable Coupon

This One Is a No-Brainer
Get It Here

Like CVS on Facebook and Register for Your Printable Email Coupon
(Have your ExtraCare Card Number Handy)

CVS Facebook Page Quick Link

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Kahiki - 3 Rare Printable Coupons - $1.50 off 1 - $1 off 1 - $1 off 2 - Hurry

These are newly released printable coupons.  I haven't seen many Kahiki coupons, so these will likely go very fast, probably starting with the $1.50 coupon.  So go print yours now.  To get two copies, hit the back button after you have printed, or go back and reselect the same coupons and print.  You are usually allowed two per computer.  

  • Save $1.00 on 1 Kahiki product 13 oz or smaller 
  • Save $1.50 on 1 Kahiki product 24 oz or larger 
  • Save $1.00 on 2 Kahiki product 12 oz or smaller
PRINT YOURS HERE - Use Zip 20202

(click on "food" and you will find the coupons if they haven't run out yet)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Michael Angelo's - Win Free Food for A Year - Win Trip to Italy for Two

Enter To Win
Culinary Adventure to Italy
One Year of Free Meals

This might very well be my favorite prize-winning contest of the year.  In addition to a grand prize of a trip to Italy for two, Michael Angelo's is also giving away a whole year's worth of free Michael Angelo's meals every week until the contest ends October 31, 2011.

Visit the Michael Angelo's Facebook page and click on "Trip To Italy" in left column.
There are even ways to get extra points.  You can find them at their Facebook page or at the Michael Angelo's official website.

FREE at Walgreen's: Blistex Lip - Hyland's Cold N Cough - 99¢ Tom's of Maine - $1 Aussie

Walgreens 9/18/11 to 9/24/11
There are a number of attention-getting deals at Walgreens.  Here are my favorites so far.

Without coupons; after Register Rewards.

Blistex Cold & Allergy Lip Soother, $2 -- RECEIVE $2 RRs
No Coupons
Net Price = FREE

Hylands  Cold-N-Cough, $4.99 -- RECEIVE $4.99 RR
No Coupons
Net Price = FREE

$1 and Under
With coupons; after Register Rewards.

Gain Dish Liquid 11oz, or Joy Dish Liquid 12.5 99¢ -- RECEIVE -0- RR
Coupon:  50¢ off 1 Gain Dish Liq.  Redplum 8/14/11, exp. 9/30/11
Coupon:  $1 off 2 Gain Dish Liq.  Redplum 8/14/11, exp. 9/30/11
Net Price = 49¢

Tom's of Maine Toothpaste, Mouthwash, or Antiperspirant/Deodorant, $3.99 -- RECEIVE $2 RR
Coupon:  $1 off 1 Tom's of Maine Toothpaste or Mouthwash 9/18/2011  Insert, exp. 11/2/2011
Coupon:  $1 off 1 Tom's of Maine Deodorant.  Smart Source 9/18/2011 Insert, exp 11/2/2011
Net Price = 99¢

Aussie and Herbal Essence Hair Products, 2 for $6 -- RECEIVE $2 RR WYB 2
Coupon:  $1 off 1 Aussie/Herbal Ess..  RedPlum insert 8/7/11, exp. 9/30/11 (use two)
Net Price = $1 ea. WYB 2

Friday, September 16, 2011

Mambo Sprouts - $2.25 off 1 RiceSelect - $1 Ecover - $1 Xlear - Organic - Printable Coupons

Get your printable $2.25 Coupon at Mambo Sprouts.
While you are there, you might like one of their other 3-pages worth of printable coupons,


  • $1 off 1 Earth Balance Organic Coconut Spread
  • $1 off 1 Earth Balance Organic Soy Milk
  • $1 off 1 Ecover Hard Surface Cleaners
  • $1 off 1 Xlear Nasal Spray for kids or adults

Thursday, September 15, 2011

$5 off $5 Photo Gift Purchase - Walgreen's Online or

$5 Off $5 Photo Gift Orders - Walgreens through 9/17/11

Best of All - You Can Use the Code Up To 5 Times.

Coupon Code:  5OFFANY (as in, "5 off any")

FREE Dinner Today - Compliments of Pollo Tropical

Happy National Chicken Lovers Day in the U.S.A.
Eat Free Today

Pollo Tropical is serving free chicken dinners today between 2 pm and 7 pm.  Wear something yellow, cluck-cluck at the cashier, and you will be presented with a FREE MEAL consisting of a quarter chicken along with Pollo Tropical's authentic rice and beans.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

CVS Ad Weekly Ad Preview 9/18 - 9/24/11. FREE Halloween Candy, 49¢ Revlon Lip Color. Wow.

Find your favorite CVS deal.  Take a look at the actual upcoming ad.  Then check out the coupon match-ups.  Cheryl at Simply CVS has posted all the info at these links.  Thanks Cheryl

Here are some deals that are free or nearly free to get you started.

Free Halloween Candy (3-Day Sale on 9/18, 9/19, 9/20/11)
CVS's brand - Gold Emblem Candy Corn, Mini Pumpkins, or Autumn Mix, 8oz 

  • $0.99 each.   Get $0.99 ECB -- Makes it free after ECB received.
  • Limit 1

Cheap Revlon Lip Color - Fantastic Stock-Up Price - 49¢ after coupon & new ECBs.
Revlon Super Lustrous, Moon Drops or ColorBurst for Lips

  • $6.49 each.  Get $5 ECB
  • Limit is 6
  • Coupon Match-up:  $1 off 1 Revlon Color cosmetics product, from Smart Source 8/14/11 insert.  Expires 9/18

Happy Shopping, Happy Saving.

What is Your Coupon Organization Method? Take our 1 Question Poll.

First Coupon Ever?
Distributed in 1888, this is believed to be the first manufacturer's coupon.  (

We want to hear about the real-life coupon organization methods that work for you.  Feel free to share the ones that didn't work and why.  Feel free to include a direct link to your favorite coupon organization tips article or page.

Happy Shopping, Happy Saving.

Poll: Which Coupon Organization System Works Best For You? Check all that apply.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

$5 for $20 Worth At Whole Foods. Today Only When You Sign Up

Over 900,000 People Have Bought This Deal Today.  
So, It May Run Out Soon.

$5 gets you $20 worth for Whole Foods, if you are a new Saveology customer.  Otherwise it is $10 for the $20 worth.  Still a great deal.  The deal says per person - not per household.  So it's good for everyone in the household.  It takes two minutes to sign-up and buy it.

Use it.  Give it to your kids.  Holiday grab bag gift.  Use it to try something new.  $10 to $15 free products from Whole Foods.  Why wouldn't you?

Michaels Stores -Crafty are you? Yarn and Stitchery Daily Specials.

Michael's has some interesting daily deals this week.

Wednesday:   Daily Deal is for Knitters
Thursday:   Daily Deal is for Stitchers

Are you thinking about Christmas yet?  

This year, why not make all your holiday gifts.  How could a recipient not appreciate something that you made specially for them?  Time to start your knitting and stitching projects so that you can joyously share homemade gifts, directly from your heart to theirs.  

Monday, September 12, 2011

Boston Market 40% Off Gift Card at Saveology Today.

Purchase the $25 Gift Card for $15 at Saveology Today

Here's a quote from Boston Market's website.

  • "Pay just $15, and you'll get a $25 gift card to Boston Market - where fresh and flavorful home-style meals are served up in a flash - ready to be enjoyed when you are."

CVS - Short, But Sweet Trip - 83.4% Savings

Yesterday I made an unscheduled CVS visit.  I was passing by and wanted to grab some Bengay before there wasn't any left.

Free w/ExtraCare Coupon 
1st things 1st:  Scanned my ExtraCare Card and out came a coupon for a free full-sized package of the new Newton Fruit Thins.  Lucky for me, there was one package left in the store.  The cranberry citrus oat is delicious.  I'm already hooked.  Nabisco surely got their money's worth out of giving me a bag of cookies, because I will definitely buy them and recommend them.

Shopping trip on 9/11/11 - Short, But Sweet

1 Electric Box Fan (nice, quiet, rain resistant)
2 Bengay Cream (green box, 2 oz) 
1 Newtons Fruit Thins
  • Coupon:  2 Bengay $5/1 (9/11/10 SS)
  • Coupon:  1 CVS ExtraCare for free Newton Fruit Thins
  • Clearance:  Fan was 75% off on clearance
OUT OF POCKET:   $5.97

TOTAL VALUE:  $35.97       =     83.4 % Savings

No ECBs Used.  No ECBs Received.


NOTE:  Bengay is also on sale for $5.99 at Walgreen's this week for variety of sizes and types, including 4 oz sizes.   If you have only of the $5/1 Bengay coupons, then the Walgreen's deal is the better choice because you can get a 4 oz tube vs. CVS where you would need two coupons to get 4 oz.   

  • One 4 oz tube at Walgreen's = 99¢ out of pocket.  
  • Two 2 oz tubes at CVS - 98¢ out of pocket.
More shopping to come.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Share Your Story - What Do You Remember About 9/11 in 2001 ?

Whatever you would like to share about your experience on September 11, 2001 -- a photo, a story, a comment, a prayer, a name, a poem....

9/11 Remembrance - Respect - Honor

On The 10th Anniversary of 9/11

In Honor & Gratitude to The Brave Men & Women That Sacrificed Dearly

I remember visiting the construction sight of the World Trade Center when it was being built in the late 1960's and early 1970's.  It was a sight to behold and undertaking that a child rarely gets to witness in his/her lifetime.  As an adult New Yorker, having visited the World Trade Center complex more times than I can possibly count, I feel a connection to the place, the idea, and the memory.  Like many, I'll never forget where I was and what I was doing when I saw the first tower on fire on the TV.  I thought I was looking at a random airplane accident.  Just moments after I began watching the news program in the waiting room of a Florida hospital, the second tower was hit.  At first I was confused.  I thought I was watching a replay of the first airplane crash, but what I saw now was not one, but two towers on fire.  I kept looking at the moving images, trying to force my brain to correlate what I was seeing with what I thought was the reality of the world in which I lived.  As the moment came when I realized that this was a horribly vicious and destructive attack-in-progress, my world changed along with the rest of the nation.

The majestic towers I watched grow up over my childhood years was transformed to a twisted and mutilated search and rescue zone - burning and smoldering for months to come.   In a matter of minutes, The World Trade center became Ground Zero.

I was fortunate to not lose any loved ones in the attacks.  Some of my friends were not.
-One childhood friend lost his older cousin (who also lived in our neighborhood), while battling the fire with the FDNY.
-One friend lost his brother who was last known to be at work in one of the towers.
-One friend escaped from the 26th floor of the tower hit by the second plane. I have heard his personal, detailed story of the events.  It is chilling and surreal to me.

I Wish Peace, Safety & Love to America and Her Children.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Walgreen's Match-Ups - Plan for Week of 9/11-9/17/11 - Charmin - Cascade - Bumble Bee - Colgate - Crest - Dawn - Neutra

A Whole Lot of Merchandise for 64% Less Than Sale Prices

2 Simple Transactions

The P&G Deal -- Get $10 RR When You BUy $30 of Specified Items.

Wish me luck in finding the items I need to make my plan work.  I usually don't care to have RR's that are more than $3 each.  A $10 RR is often challenging for me to use efficiently for rolling the RRs.  But since it is a rarity for me to find any decent "stock-up" prices on Charmin T.P., I decided I would fork over more cash in one transaction than I usually would at Walgreen's (or CVS, for that matter).  Doing so adds a few tubes of good toothpaste, 4 Charmins, 4 Cascades and more to my reserves. 

Transaction #1 (The P&G Deal - Get $10 RR WYB $30 of Certain Items

  • 4 Charmin - 6 pk Double Rolls, $4 ea
  • 4 Cascade Liquid, $4 ea
Total = $32

Coupons and RRs Totaling $14:
  • -$2 = $1 off 2 Charmin, P&G 8/28 insert (use 2 coupons)
  • -$4 = $1 off 1 Cascade, P&G 8/28 insert (use 4 coupons)
  • -$5 off $20 RR from AARP card scan
  • -$3 RR from earlier in week 
Total Out of Pocket $18 and ***RECEIVE $10 NEW RRs***
Transaction #2 - Using the 10 RR from Trans. #1:

  • 2 Crest Deep Clean 5.8 oz Toothpaste (substitutes:  Glide 32-55 yd. or Oral-B Adv. Deep Clean toothbrush.  2 for $5 (see NOTE below)
  • 1 Colgate Optic White 4 oz Toothpaste.  $3.99
  • 2 Bumble Bee Tuna 2.5 oz pk.  99¢ ea (Filler items)
  • 1 Dawn Dish Liquid 9 oz.  99¢ (Filler item)
  • 1 Air Wick or Lysol Neutra Air Freshener. $7.99

Total = $19.95
Coupons & RRs Totaling $18:
  • -$2 = $1 off 1 from P&G insert (two of these)
  • -$1 off 2 Bumble Bee printable from RecycleBank
  • -$1.50 off Colgate from 8/28/11 Smart Source insert (Spanish language) 
  • -       (or substitute $1/1 from 8/28 Smart Source insert
  • 50¢ off 1 Dawn from 8/28 P&G insert
  • -$4 off 1 Neutra Air Freshmatic ( or $4/1Air Wick ( or coupon from 9/11 insert.

Total Out Of Pocket:  $1.95  ***RECEIVE $7 NEW RRs***

NOTE:  If the $10 RR from Trans. #1 won't work because the Crest is a P&G product, then I will substitute one Aquafresh Advanced, Ultimate or Extreme Clean Toothpaste for $2.99, use $1/1 from, costs $1.99 out of pocket, and you get $2 RR.

$51.95 Mdse. (using sale prices)   
Paid:  $19.95     
Stocked-Up on few thing.

I prefer to count my RRs when I use them at the store.