Trading Coupons

Trading Coupons (with or without a fee) is often too complicated on some of the "big" coupon forum sites.  Often there are pages and pages of rules that one has to read and follow before being allowed to even "enter" a trading forum, then there are more rules once  you get it.

I decided to open this page up to anyone that would like to leave comment asking for or telling us about coupons you have for trade (with or without fees).  Some folks ask for a handling fee when trading coupons. As with anything, make sure you agree with the fee (usually just pennies and postage) and are comfortable with the deal.  I am not endorsing any specific coupon trader, except my self, of course.

Fee free to post what you like here as long as it pertains to coupons you want or offer.  Thanks and Happy Saving.

If an ad seems interesting to you, please click and take a look.  I am saving pennies to give this blog a professional-looking spruce up.  Thanks.