Wednesday, August 10, 2011

FREE STUFF - School Supplies - Sports Trading Cards - Gift Cards - Video Consoles & Accessories - Books, eBooks, Magazines, Bibles & Much Much More at SwagBucks

$5 Gift Card Every Week Is Easy As π (or pie)

Search & Earn Sites are becoming very popular. SwagBucks is fun, easy, and you can choose all kinds of free stuff from their site.  If you search a lot, you can pick up points throughout the day, especially throughout the day.  You can do so by searching from the SwagBucks site, or by using their downloadable search bar (has other benefits too).  

Seriously, Folks, It's Totally & Ridiculously Simple
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Scenario to earn one $5 Amazon Gift Card Per Week:  You get 5 points a day for having the SwagBucks search bar, taking the daily poll (less than a minute), look at several quick ads (takes about a minute or two), click to the survey page (takes 3 seconds).  Earning another 59 points a day is a cinch using any combination of:  searching the web, playing the videos (you don't even have to watch them), playing fun games, or one of a number of other ways.  For details, visit  No money required.  No credit cards or bank account information necessary.  It is real - not a shammy or scammy site at all.

SwagBucks Prize Categories (alphabetically):
Apparel & Accessories
Books & Magazines
Consoles & Video Games
Digital Wallpapers
For the Kids
Gift & Reward Cards
Health & Beauty 
Kitchen Essentials
Movies & TV
Posters & Prints
School Supplies
Sports & Collectibles
Trading Cards

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