Friday, July 29, 2011

FREE SoyJoy, $7-Off 1 Vitamin/Supplement, FREE Cooler, Tote, DVD, Garden Tools, Water Bottle, more

Seriously, these are some of the nicest easy-to-get FREE rewards I've seen lately.  How easy is it to just get your vitamins and input the codes.  Then click on what you want.

I just discovered that NatureMade has a rewards program.  Sign up, enter the "Wellness Rewards Code" printed on each container of vitamins and supplements purchased and you will see your rewards build very quickly.  Save up and enter two or three at a time and you will watch the points shoot up right in front of your eyes to an amount that will actually get you something.  I just entered 5 codes from 5 NatureMade products and already have earned 570 points.  I ordered by $7 Off 1 product coupon.  

Complete List of Nature Made Rewards
  • 200 points - SoyJoy bars - 3 pack
  • 225 points - Flashlight Keychain.  Replica of a bottle of vitamins with small flashlight bulb on bottom.
  • 275 points - Eco Friendly Shopping Tote, size 13"W X 10"D X 15"H, recyclable and washable.
  • 400 points - SoyJoy Bars - 6 pack
  • 450 points - Lunch cooler.  Main compartment holds up to six beverage cans.  Plus has two extra side pockets.
  • 500 points - Nature Made cap.  Khaki.
  • 500 points = $7 Off 1 product coupon (one available ev. 30 days). 
  • 500 points - $7 Costco check.  (one available ev. 30 days).
  • 650 points - Denise Austin Pilates for Everyone DVD
  • 650 points - Denise Austin Ultimate Fat Burner DVD 
  • 700 points - Aromatherapy Reed Diffusor.  Gift boxed.  Nice for woman, man, student, home, office. dorm.
  • 725 points - Classical Guitar CD - Bach, Vivaldi, Haydin and more in a Classical Guitar CD.
  • 750 points - BPA Free water bottle.  20 oz.
  • 850 points - Book:  Everyday Calm - Relaxing Rituals For Busy People
  • 1700 points - Garden Tote & Tools
  • 2200 points - BBQ Apron Set:  apron, detachable bottle opener, oven mitt and towel.  Embroidered "Nature Made Grill Master".  This is very nice for woman or man
  • 2500 points - Yoga mat.  5.5' long X 2' wide.
This will come in very handy during a BOGO at CVS, Walgreens, Publix or any other store that carries NaureMade.  It seems like I can find these products on BOGO at least a couple times a month.

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