Tuesday, April 10, 2012

PEI WEI: Buy One Get One Free Coupon or eCoupon - WOW!

April 9 - 22, 2012
Pei Wei BOGO

A few months ago I registered with Pei Wei for their Passport.  They send occasional emails with Pei Wei news or promotions, like this coupon that arrived today.  Buy one entree and get one free.  They had a deal like this when I registered.  Pei Wei's prices are reasonable for dinner, and I find their restaurants to have a nice atmosphere for a restaurant where one has to stand at a counter to place and pay for order.  To be fair, this casual bistro chain stages its restaurants with decor that seems more upscale and sophisticated than Panera or Chipotle or Boston Market, which have similar service styles and prices but not food.  Pei Wei's food in higher-ranked league, IMHO.  It cooked from scratch, sort of.  They use pre-made sauces but cook most the rest of most dishes to order, offering up some succulent and impressive tastes.  My favorites are the Asian Lettuce Wraps and the Pad Thai.  But I've enjoyed anything I tasted at Pei Wei.  Watch out for the hot sauces, they are not for the weak-tongued.

Visit Pei Wei's Site and Register for Passport (free) HERE.


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