Wednesday, April 11, 2012

FREE: If Not For You, How 'Bout For Grandma or Grandpa? Could Be A Lifesaver.

Totally Free & Important

This is an important health care tool for emergency situations and for medical appointments.  It is a way to gather the most important information about medications, conditions, contact numbers, etc. in one place that can be accessed immediately by simply walking over to your refrigerator.  I just ad-libbed something like this for aging family members, and it would have been great to have ad the LifePac instead.  

Look for the grey "Order Now" button on left side, HERE

You can order more than 1 of these LifePacs if you have family or friends that take medication.  They take orders by phone or online, HERE.  No commitment or money of any kind required.

Here's what CST's website says about the LifePac.  These folks are in the business of providing emergency medical response systems, etc., but they are offering this free of charge.  I ordered several today for family members of all ages, from a child to baby boomers to seniors and elderly.

immediately the rescue worker knows to go to the refrigerator and find phone numbers, medications you are taking, any allergies, your latest blood pressure and/or any other special instructions to help you during an emergency.
What does this mean for you?

Peace of Mind–

knowing this vital information will be available if ever an emergency should occur. Our LifePac™ program saves lives–it could save yours or a loved one! "

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