Saturday, February 4, 2012

CVS: A Weird & Wonderful Savings Day $45 for $0.64 (incl Conair Ionic Blow Dryer)


So more than a month has passed since the last BIG HOLIDAY SALE.  I can't remember if it was Black Friday or Christmas.  There was an very nice Conair ionic blow dryer (29.99) special for 9.99 and get 5 ECBs.  I decided to take a Rain Check by the time I got to the third CVS and couldn't find one.

Here are the Weird and Wonderful Parts:

Long story made short, I accepted their kind offer to buy a better model (39.99) for the same 9.99 and get 5 ECBs.

Used an expired CVS $10 ECB.  It was a week expired and I asked politely before I shopped if they would still accept it, and the Manager said "no problem".

Got the $5 ECBs and then two more for $1 ECB printed.  The cashier and I read them but couldn't figure out what they were for.  Doesn't really matter to me.  :-)

Used the $5 ECB to buy 3 Hallmark Cards (.99 ea), 2 Cadbury Eggs, 1 Chocolate Marshmallow Heart.  I didn't have any coupons at all with me, so I restrained myself.  Paid .64

Got $3 ECB

  • Started with $10 ECB
  • Paid 0.64
  • Kept $5 ECBs
  • Gained a 39.99 ionic blow dryer, 3 nice Hallmark greeting cards, and 3 yummy chocolate treats.


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