Sunday, October 2, 2011

FREE (for me) Greek & Mediterranean Food Taverna Opa - West Palm Beach -

Today is an online shopping day only.

I can't pass up the great Groupon deal that's been lingering in my email box since Friday.

Since I had $20 credit from Groupon, I got it for free.  To get a Groupon $10 credit, all you have to do is send your referral link to some friends by email, via Facebook, Twitter, etc.   Groupon will reward you with a $10 credit each time a friend uses your referral link to purchase their first Groupon deal.  So, share your link and get rewarded.

Pay It Forward - Be That Person

Here's my link  so you can buy your first Groupon via my referral link.  The Karmic universe should reward you in turn when you send your link to friends and family.  Thank ya kindly.  I'd do the same for you.

Groupon offers local and national deals.  National deals may include online stores, magazine subscriptions, etc.  Local deals include everything and anything from restaurants, to spas, to salons, to retail shops, kids and family fun outlets, home furnishings, carpet cleaning, etc. etc.  Sign up for free, no personal info needed, and you'll get a daily email from Groupon with the 411 on daily deals.

Here's my Extreme Savings deal today:

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