Sunday, October 2, 2011

FREE: Fiber One Cereal at Publix

I like to wait until the new and crisp inserts are in my hands to really pay attention to what coupons are now mine.  The preview lists for Sunday inserts are great, but often not the same as what I get when the inserts arrive.  For example, there were a couple of Ragu coupons from September that simply were not in any of the local papers' inserts here.  So I don't spend too much time planning a shopping list around the preview list.  However, I do get a general idea for a shopping game plan.  For example, if the preview says there will be some Publix store coupons, I will start to look for any printables that may match up - then I print them before they are gone.  If the Publix coupons are not actually there, no big deal.

The Free Cereal Deal:

Free Fiber One Cereal - Coupon Match-Ups
SALE:  Fiber One, 2.50 per box this week at Publix.

  • $2/1 New Publix Store coupon 10/2/1 (use 2*)
  • $1/2 General Mills cereals (incl. Fiber One), SmartSource 9/25/11 insert or print at (use 1)

The Publix coupon is very timely as a replacement for the $2/1 Fiber One coupon that just expired on 9/20/11 along with the rest of the Yellow Advantage Flyer.  

*If you have only one of the Publix coupons, it is worthwhile to buy another newspaper for this coupon alone.  The Sun-Sentinel is $1.25 from the sidewalk box here (I've seen $1.50 too).  You can even pick up a paper at the supermarket to make it easier.  Just make sure the coupon insert you want is in it before you pay for it.  Bonus:  you get a whole other set of coupons for BOGO deals.

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