Wednesday, October 5, 2011

99¢ Lincoln Lawyer – Video On Demand Rental at Amazon

I’ve seen it twice and liked it both times.  The second time around I was able to pick up on lots more dialogue and details. Visit this link to and see it for 99¢, today only.

Wanna know how you could see it for free and still have $4.00 (free) left over for more goodies?  Swagbucks.  That’s how.  It is a great search and earn site.  You simply do your “googling” from their site’s search box, and start racking up free points that you can redeem for a totally free gift card.  There are plenty of other gift cards too, including Paypal, Home Depot, CVS, Barnes & Noble, etc.  Visit my previous post, here, to read all about it.  There are no strings attached to signing up.  Really!  No money ever required.  How much more extreme savings can you get than free?

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