Friday, April 27, 2012

MUST HAVE: BPA-free Foldable Water Bottles $4 - Yes! BPA-free - by Vapur

2 Bottles for $8
Shipping Just $2
No Need to Carry Around Empty Bulky Refillable Bottles

 16 oz. capacity (actually 0.5 liter) 

Clip it on (clip included)
Stands up when filled
Super lightweight

Big savings.  These sell for $9.99 per bottle at many retailers.  I just checked.  So this is a great deal for now or to put away for later as a gift or reward.

Here's what they have to say about these Vapur brand BPA-free foldable water bottles at NoMoreRack

  • • Made of high-quality, BPA-free plastic 
  • • Freezable and washable 
  • • Also features a carabiner clip for quick transport anywhere you go 
  • • Personalize your fun-size Vapur bottle in the writable identification area
Here's what I have to say about them:

I want 12 of them because they are good for people, good for the planet, super lightweight:
  • 1 for the car
  • 1 for daily use
  • 1 for the gym bag
  • 1 for the beach and pool bag
  • 4 for the family
  • 4 as gifts for an athlete, 2 seniors, and a walking pal

Read More about BPA and your health in an earlier post, here.


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