Monday, April 23, 2012

FINALLY BOGO: Heaven On A Stick - Frozen Diana's Banana Babies - Find Your Store

Diana's Banana Babies are one of my favorite frozen treats of all time.  They are just the right size, perfectly ripened to a smooth sweetness, and covered in a nice thick coat of either dark chocolate or milk chocolate.    What could be better!

I stock up when Publix Florida has them on a Buy One Get One Free sale.  They never have coupons; at least that's what Diana's Bananas told me via email.  They run about $2.50 for each box on the BOGO sale (5 per box, I believe).

P.S.  It looks like they now make them in a chocolate and peanut covered variety.

Here's the current SALE deals for Diana's Banana Babies, per their website:

  • Publix:  4/26 - 5/2/12 BOGO
  • Winn-Dixie:  4/25 - 5/2/12 BOGO
  • Albertsons Phoenix:  4/16 - 5/7/12 BOGO
  • Food Town:  4/20 - 4/27/12 Sale
  • Harvey's:  4/4 - 4/25/12 Sale
  • Food Lion:  4/4 - 4/25/12 Sale
  • Dominick's:  3/29 - 5/3/12 Sale


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