Friday, March 23, 2012

FREE: $5 Worth of Document Shredding at Office Depot - No Purchase Required.


From now through April 16, 2012, Office Depot will shred up to 5 pounds of your documents.  Just bring them in to your local Office Depot's copy services center.  I checked Office Depot's website but  didn't find the promo.   However, you can read details in this article at the Miami Herald newspaper's website HERE.

Office Depot's site does say that their everyday price for shredding is $0.99 per pound (at this Office Depot link).  While there, you can also copy your 2011 tax return for free (up to 25 single-sided black & white copies permitted for FREE).



Robert Dean said...

Would this service eventually include data shredding? I have an abundance of hard drives filled with personal information that I wish to dispose of considering all of the bank account details saved on them.

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Coupon Clipper said...

Robert - I don't know if Home Depot will take on data shredding. Do you have an abundance of actual hard drives (internal or external types) , or do you have DVDs and CDs? Disposing of the data is different for each, which is why I asked the question. How many hard drives do you have?