Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Coupons Are Not My Life - But I Sure Do Like Them!

"The" Original Coupon

  • Do I enjoy legitimately free and deeply discounted groceries from my local supermarket, also known as extreme saving.  Yes!
  • Do I spend a good deal of time reading a mixed bag of emails each week, scouring websites, blogs and more in search of great deals?  Yes!  
  • Do I have a life beyond coupons and groceries?  Yes! 
I recognize that it may seem to some that "all" I spend my time on is couponing.  It could be an easy conclusion or stereotype they might consider since they are probably receiving emails from me with links deals on products I believe they use or fit a need they have expressed, i.e. gluten free, low sodium, oil change, discounted gift cards, etc.  I will admit that sometimes a conversation turns to the topic of couponing when I have just experienced a great shopping trip with huge savings or totally free everything.  Once I share that little tidbit, I often am asked "How?"  After taking the time to explain how this level of savings was achieved, folks often asked questions like "Where do you get the coupons?"  "Can you tell me how I can get really cheap or free razors (or organics, or dog food, or produce, and on and on).

Some folks are interested because they don't want to pay more than is necessary on a regular basis; some are interested because they want to help others (family, food banks, animal shelters, neighbors...).  And, some folks are just curious.  That's why I choose to make a mental note of their interest and send off an email when I see a great deal on products or services they use or expressed interest in.  I certainly don't receive any compensation for sending what I consider a thoughtful link or article.  It's not as though the emails go out willy-nilly simply because there is some deal to be had.  However, if someone shops on Amazon regularly and there is a great deal like yesterday's where an Amazon gift card was 50% off, why wouldn't I send a link.  They can use the info or ignore it.  They can ask me to stop sending them if they are offensive, annoying or extraneous.  The only benefit I get is the satisfaction of sharing. 

So what may seem like an obsession to one person, may be a necessity or lifestyle or helpful to another.  I think many are guilty of graciously and even cheerfully sharing information that can be useful or helpful to others.  After all, it's not as though I am forcing it on anyone... expecting or demanding them to listen to me and buy that discounted gift card online, or print those coupons and get their free razors or groceries.

  • Am I a couponista?  Maybe.  
  • Am I a coupon dictator.  No
  • Do I have a life beyond coupons?  Yes.  It includes spending time with family, creative writing, pets, hobbies unrelated to shopping, reading, exercising (more emphasis could be placed on this one), films, social networking, and more. 

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