Thursday, March 1, 2012

Correction: Kashi Chicken Florentine Frozen Entree

BIG OOPS : Correction
I had the entree's name wrong.  The correct dish is Kashi Chicken Florentine.  I have substituted Florentine for Pomodoro throughout.
Kashi's Chicken Florentine Frozen Entree

Rating:  5 Stars

I enjoyed Kashi's unique spin on Chicken Florentine.  It starts with a bed of the Kashi 7 grains mix cooked al dente enough to offer enough of a bite to make one know they are not eating another frozen "something on overcooked rice" dish.  Instead you actually get to chew a bit on your food.  On top is a saute of tender chicken  slices, spinach and red bell pepper to brighten things up.  The unique taste is the combination of Kashi's 7 grain mix with this recipe's white wine sauce that hints of lemon and mild herbs. 

I have to confess that I doctored it up before I ate it.  But I do that with most frozen entree meals.  In this case, all I really did to the Kashi Chicken Florentine was add a bit of grated Romano cheese and a squeeze of lemon.  Like all Kashi entrees that I have sampled, the Chicken Florentine had just enough of the well-crafted sauce to flavor everything in the dish but also keep it from becoming a watery or gooey odd looking plate of food, as I have seen with many sauced frozen entree dishes from the supermarket freezer.  

All in all, I would always rather be eating freshly prepared food, especially if it is homemade, but if a frozen dinner from the supermarket fits the moment, I always opt for Kashi.  Probably because with Kashi, I don't feel pangs of guilt for stopping my pangs of hunger with a commercial frozen meal that is filled with ingredients that have lots x, z, ph and ous in them.  Kashi entrees usually are crafted with, what I consider, better and healthier ingredients without all the chemicals.  

If you purchase frozen entrees from time-to-time or regularly, I recommend trying a couple of Kashi's if you haven't already. 

Stars:  Scale from 1 to 5.  5 is the highest.  Scoring is based on comparing similar items or services, i.e. apples to apples, frozen entrees to frozen entrees -or- compares an item to majority of similar items as a whole.  

Disclosure:  These are my own opinions and observations, unless otherwise stated. 

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