Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Toilet Paper is a Fact of Life in America. So Grab Charmin for 27 Cents a Roll - Now

 BOTTOM LINE (no pun intended) $1.08 per 4 MEGA rolls.

Head over to Amazon.com and have 24 MEGA rolls of Charmin Ultra Strong delivered to your house for a total of $0.27 per roll.  That's like paying only $1.08 for a package of 4 MEGA rolls (those are some big big rolls of TP, supposedly the equivalent of 4 regular rolls, making it like getting 16 regular rolls worth of TP for just $1.08, shipping included). 

Mind blowing.  I know.

Visit this Amazon link HERE and select the option to purchase 6 packages containing 4 rolls each.  You can also buy fewer at the same price, but you will incur shipping fees.

I would classify this as extreme savings when you consider how much Charmin is in the stores.  

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