Wednesday, January 4, 2012

$21.03 Free Money For Me (and You Too)

On 11/15/11, I activated my FREE InBox Pays account and received the $5 signup bonus.  No strings attached  Since then (about 6 weeks), I have managed earn another $16.03 without spending any money and very very very little time.  Mostly I just click on the CASH emails they send me each day and InBox Pays ads some pennies here and there.  If one of the cash offers seems easy or interesting enough to me, and does not involve financial commitment, I might complete it too.  For example, I might receive an offer to earh $1 if I fill out an online for to receive insurance quotes.  I use my Google Voice account for the phone numbers and receive any messages relating to the offer in my  mailbox.  So it’s harmless and does not disturb me in any way.
Sometimes InBox Pays offers me FREE spins of a wheel that lets you win more cash, could be pennies, could be dollars.  I haven’t figured out what causes InBox Pays to give me the free spins, nevertheless, I like them because they added $1.20 to my account.   So I guess I’m averaging about $5 every two weeks for only seconds of my time a day.  That ought to bring me up to about $130 extra cash for the year for doing next to nothing… a click here, a click there.  That’ll fill my hybrid car’s gas tank 4 times, plus leave some leftover change.  The site even has printable coupons.  How do you think I found it…. :-)
There are other ways to earn cash if you want to play some games, take surveys, etc.  I haven’t ventured there yet.  Give it a try, you have absolutely nothing to lose.  Seriously.

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