Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Coupons - The Next Generation

Seems like it was a little bit of a boring day as far as deals go.  So I ‘ll tell you a cute Walgreen’s story.
Unplanned visit to Walgreens.  At cashier, checking out, young man (about 19/20 years old) in line behind me.  
1 Biggest Size Hershey Bar
1 Biggest Size Hershey Bar
1 Dozen Eggs
1 Dozen Eggs 
1 Chocolate Cov. Raisins, 14 oz
1 Box Raisins, Nice brand, 7 oz
1 Box Raisins, Walgreen’s brand, 7 oz
1 Box Raisins, Nice brand , 7 oz
Cashier said:  $1.38(More than I expected.  Ha!  Had bunch of Register Rewards to use before they exp.)
Well the young man said ‘Wow. Did you really get all of that for just $1.38′.   I turnedaround to answer and saw his were open wide like two big gold coins.  I replied “You could too.  Just pay attention to the sales, Register Rewards deals and be willing to print or clip coupons.”  He said “Wow.  That would be great.”
It’s great to see a young person that sees it, gets it and wants it too.  They are the next generation of couponers in the making.  Then they can start innovating and coming up with new and ‘futuristic’ ways to use coupons, sales, etc.  I know that college-age young adults know how to squeeze the most out of a buck. Just imagine how they could innovate and find new ways to use coupons, technology and deals – all together.

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