Friday, October 21, 2011

30 FREE Amazon Gift Cards in A Year - With Very Little Effort -and- Zero Money From Me!

Happy Friday Everyone.

Today is Mega Bucks Day at Swag Bucks.  For merely doing my internet searches on Swag Bucks, I painlessly racked up enough points for 8 FREE $5 gift cards in a few months.  

Yeah, yeah.... you may be skeptical, or maybe you're thinking what I did -- oh, not another one of those sites that makes me fill out online forms only to find out they want a credit card number from me at the end.  Well, I'm happy to say that earning points onSwag Bucks the way I do never requires any money or commitments from me.  

I average around 25 to 30 Swag Bucks per day, no strings attached.  It is easy to add about 400 points more per month by searching on Fridays Mega Swag Bucks Daysearching  at midnight daily, if you are awake.

450 Points  -  $5 Gift Card.   Do the math, you'll see how simple and NOT time-consuming it is to earn 2.5 gift cards a month, FREE.  
FREE    FREE    FREE    
(I just like typing and saying and seeing the word FREE.  Thanks for indulging me.) 

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