Monday, October 17, 2011

$120.80 Saved at Publix = 70+ meals for Around $1 Each - Using Stacked Coupons & BOGOs

55% Savings on an "Average" Grocery Shopping List
(meaning, not buying 100 deodorants or 150 bags of cheese puffs to show you how to "shop" for free.  To me, that's not an "average person's or household's shopping list"

Including:  Fresh Produce - Beef - Deli - Juice - Dairy - Personal Care - Grocery Items

Over the past weekend we filled the extra freezer quite a bit (still a bit of room for more) and the last nook and cranny of the refrigerator.  There are some great deals to be had at Publix this week using lots of coupons and taking advantage of BOGOs and other sales.  For today's shopping I matched up and stacked a combination of coupons from Publix, Target and manufacturers (no gift cards and no rain checks used).  

Most of this is for our pantry stockpile, except all the fresh and perishables we bought:

6 Marie Callender Dinners (meals = 6)
6 Box Dreamfield Pasta (meals =  24-30 @ 4-5 per box)
6 Kashi Frozen Entrees (meals = 6)
4 Home Run Inn Pizzas (meals = 16)
2 Newman's Own Pizzas (meals = 8)
2 Stouffer's Family Size (meals = 8)
2 Matlaw's Stuffed Clams (meals = 4)
Deli meats and cheese (incl. Applegate Farms, Kraft(meals = 8)
And the following items combine with above for making meals:
Ground Beef, big package
4 Packages Whole Grain Bread (Arnolds & Tofouyan)
1 Kraft Romano Cheese, large
2 Jars Dole Fruit 
2 Northland 100% Juices (lg size)
4.6+ Pounds Seedless Grapes
Fresh Broccoli Florets
1 Smart Balance Milk
2 Tums, 150 ct.
2 Total Care Zero Listerine, 1 Litre 
2 Boxes of Advil (one P.M)

=$219.73 in Products 

PAID $98.93 (about about 80 +/-  meals  + $35 worth health & personal care items, retail)

Some folks prefer to divide their shopping order in two or more separate orders for the cashier so that one uses all the coupons and the other is for the more pricey products for which there are no coupons being used.  But I prefer to ring all the items in one order, for the good and for the bad of it.  This is the only way I can most accurately share and show my savings for a shopping trip.  Since man, woman and child cannot live on frozen meals, pasta and bread alone, I like to leave in those perishables and pricey items since we like to eat fresh food too.  If I remove the fresh items (produce, meat, dairy, etc.), then my order would show a 63% savings.

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