Monday, August 15, 2011

Walgreens - What Order Should You Give Your Coupons To Cashier - Walgreens Coupon Policy

View Walgreens Coupon Policy, here

Want to save some extra $$ by giving your coupons to Walgreens cashier in a certain order?

First Things First:
Rain Checks should be given to cashier before scanning purchase items.

Last Things Last:
After all merchandise has been scanned, give your coupons in this order.  I usually try to hold them and give them to her in groups broken down in the following categories and order.  Sometimes a cashier will ask for them all at once.  If this happens and I believe my purchase may result in overage, I will say to the cashier something like 'I think this will work best if you scan the coupons in this order, or the register may beep.'  That usually works fine.

  • 1. Store Coupons
  • 2. Register Rewards
  • 3. Manufacturer Coupons
  • 4. AARP Card, if you or a family member have one.

I usually keep an eye on what is happening on the register display because things don't always ring up as I expect, so it is easy to get distracted from putting coupons in order. By using manufacturer coupons last any overage may end up being applied toward the tax -and- may help reduce the need to purchase filler items.  However, you should still have some filler items handy in case your overage is causing the register to beep.

IMPORTANT:  Don't forget, Walgreens will not allow more manufacturer coupons than there are items.  For details, see the Walgreens coupon policy.  So However, since I didn't do that, I ended up having to add filler items at the end of transactions (in this case it was newspaper and multiple M&M's on sale for 49¢)

TIP:  If you keep the categories of coupons separated and paper clipped, it is easier to get the cashier to scan them in the right order if he/she wants them all at once. 

TIP:  AARP card scan usually produces an extra Catalina coupon and sometimes a special Register Reward.  Example:  They recently had a promotion where a scan produced a $5 Register Reward store coupon.  This was not a manufacturer Register Reward, so there were fewer limitations on using it.  This week, at check-out, I have received an extra coupon for $2 of one Revlon beauty tool, which are perfect for the $1.49 nail file packages.  The overage bought a package of M&M's each time (on sale 49¢ this week)

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