Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Florida Double Coupon Stores - Not Illegal

Double Coupons In Florida, Yes They Do Exist.

I have recently read posts/articles around the web where people are commenting that it is illegal for stores to double in coupons in Florida.  Some even say that it has to do with the Truth-In-Lending Act ("TIL").  Well, the TIL is federal, which would mean that it would be illegal throughout the country.  

The following stores in Florida do indeed double coupons.  You can check directly with your store to find out if they participate, when, how, etc.  Some of these stores double coupons only on certain days of the week, month or year.  Other than Kmart, the stores listed can be found in Northern Florida.  Kmart is throughout Florida.

Grocery Stores/Supermarkets

  • Harris Teeter
  • Hitchcock's Markets

Super Centers

  • Kmart - specially announced double coupon days.  Watch the ads (here's an example - Kmart's list of stores that doubled coupons in June 2011).

Variety Stores

  • Fred's Super Dolloar (similar type of store as Family Dollar, Big Lots, etc.)

For links and more information about their coupons policies, see our Store Coupon Policies page, here.

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