Thursday, July 7, 2011

Whole Foods Sale: Organic Cherries-One Day Sale-$2.99/pound

We're Posting In Red Today To Honor 
The One-day Organic Cherries Sale
Friday, July 8, 2011
Whole Foods Markets
$2.99 is a great price for organic cherries.  
(conventional cherries are more than that at my local supermarket this week)  

Get the Best Value For Your Money - How To Choose Cherries
Look For:
  • Color that is deep red, dark red, or bright red.
  • Skin that is smooth without pits and wrinkles.
  • Green stems are good; brown stems and no stems is not.
  • Sweetness.  Make sure you like the way they taste. 

Ask a Whole Foods associate for a taste before you select your plump, juicy, sweet organic cherries.  They are usually very nice about sampling items.

Cherry Recipes

Check out some recipes for your organic cherries.  Here's Whole Foods Market's recipe for Cherry-Lentil Salad.

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