Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Target: 50¢ Pillows, FREE Sharpies 2/pk, 10 Papermate Pens for 2¢. Really?

To get all of the above, head over to Target.com's printable coupon link (Just look for the word "coupons" on the lower left of the main page.  It is listed in a column.)

Print out the coupons for:

  • $1 off on Papermate writing instruments.
  • $1 off on Sharpies.
  • $2 off on pillows.

  • Regular size, Essential brand pillow.  Price is only $2.50 (did not say sale on the display).  Net cost 50¢.
  • From school supplies display bins, Papermate see-through stick pens, 10 in pack, choose blue, black or red.  Price is $1.02.  Net cost is 2¢
  • Also from school supplies bins, Sharpies, 2 in pack, black only (at our Target).  Price is $1.  Net cost $1.

We purchased and paid $1.54 (plus tax) for:
3 Pillows
3 Sharpies packs
2 Papermate Pen packs

Great for dorms, school supplies, office, extra, charity.

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