Sunday, July 10, 2011

Prefer CVS to Walgreens...past week, anyway. Lured by Kashi Cereal, Aussie, Oral-B.

First CVS Coupon Trip With Stacking Scenarios
It Is Like CVS Paid Me To Shop! 
  $37.45 in Products                   Final Cost to Me  -0-
Net Overage ECB’s = $1.68
So I finally made it to CVS yesterday with my coupons and detailed list in hand.  I have avoided shopping at CVS for deals (with or without coupons).  The ExtraCare Bucks really intimidated me, plus I’ve always had problems finding what I need in CVS (the stores seem disorganized and understaffed in my area).  I simply couldn’t resist grabbing a Kashi Cereal for $3 and using my $2/1 coupon.
Here’s How It Went:
Started with -0- ECB.  Received a bunch of ECBs after’ the first transaction for store and for specific products, since it had been a while since I used the card.
I realize now that I didn’t do the transactions to maximize my savings.  The first trans.  should have been for the toothbrush alone.
Transaction #1
1 Oral-B pulsar toothbrush (very nice)
1 Campbell Select Harvest Soup
2 Large Bartlett pear cans
Coupons & ECB Used
1 $3/1 on the toothbrush (was on sale)
Paid Out of Pocket $4.35 (plus tax)

Saved $10.21
Transaction #2
1 Oral-B Pulsar Toothbrush
1 Kashi Heart Healthy cereal
Coupons & ECB Used
1 $2/1 Kashi
1 $3/1 Oral-B Pulsar Toothbrush
1 $3 ECB from transaction #1
Paid Out of pocket paid 99¢ (plus tax)
Saved $11.49
Transaction #3
1 Aussie shampoo
1 Aussie conditioner
1 Puff’s tissues large box
Coupons & ECB Used
$3 Aussie
$3 Aussie
$2 ECB, product specific (Aussie or Pantene)
Paid Out of Pocket:  -0- (plus tax)

Saved $10.41
Ended Up With $7 ECB + another $ 2.50 ECB on Clairol–
That means I am $1.68 ahead (not counting the Clairol ECB) & my net payment is OVERAGE of $1.68 because of the $7 in ECB vs. the -0- I had when started today.
Happy Shopping, Happy